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Image by İltun Huseynli


Building Connections for Development in
Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus

Events and Projects

November 10, 2021 


On the one-year anniversary of the cease-fire agreement ending the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War between Armenia and Azerbaijan, this panel took stock of the progress and roadblocks in Armenia-Azerbaijan relations over the previous year.


The focus was on a future-oriented discussion of the prospects, opportunities, and challenges for cooperation, economic connectivity and peacebuilding between the two countries.


Series on Post-Oil Development of Azerbaijan at Oxford University

In Spring of 2021, Restart Initiative conceptualized and helped organize the first-ever series exclusively on post-oil development in Azerbaijan at Oxford University, featuring Azerbaijani scholars from academic institutions around the globe. See recordings of selected lectures and our interview with Prof. Christopher Gerry, Director of Russian and East European Studies at Oxford University, on our Daha Yaxşı YouTube channel.

Armenia-Azerbaijan Dialogue on Economic Connectivity

Restart Initiative is currently in discussions with academic institutions and multilateral donor organizations to organize expert dialogues on economic connectivity topics of mutual interest to Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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